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QB Brand Partners

Tradition Cheese and Meat

It all began way back in 1979 when just a few big companies handled food imports into Singapore. That meant two things: limited selection on and high prices.

Butcher's Pride

Butcher's Pride by QB Food is known to source quality delicatessen and slice them fresh here in Singapore.

Cape Herb & Spice

Founded in 1194, the Cape Herb & Spice Companies lies in the heart of the world-renowned Constantia Winelands, South Africa.


Creapan range of desserts and patries are made to have homemade quality and taste.


Ehrmann is Germany's leading brand. It has created yogurt enjoyed by consumers around the world for nearly 100 years.

Emina Dessert Cheese From Japan

Emina by QBB Japan aims to put fun in its dairy products and makes sure every bite brings a smile to your face.

Filippo Berio

For nearly 150 years, Filippo Berio's products has inspired cooking enthusiasts to create delicious meals for family and friends

Garcia Baquero

Starting out in Alcazar de San Juan in the mid-70s, Garcia Baquero cheeses are made using the same artisian techniques and recipe.

Granarolo Fresh Cheese From Italy

Granarolo is an leading Italian brand specialising in milk, yoghurt, desserts, ice cream, fresh cream and fresh and aged cheeses.

Happy Cow

Happy Cow's from Austia makes their products from the principle that happy cows produce the best quality milk.

Jack Link

Jack Link's is a pioneer in sausages and smoked meats.


Jarlsberg is a popular brand from Norway. They use traditional cheese making combined with modern technology to give its cheese an edge

Johnsonville Sausage

American's No 1 Sausage makers. Known to make sausages with the BIG Taste.


Kilcoy prides itself on being one of the leading sellers in grain fed beef products.

Knead it Bakery

Based in Sydney, Knead it Bakery uses local Australian wheat to produce top quality breads like Turkish Rolls, Sourdough and Wholemeal.

La Corvinia

La Corvinia from Italy is produced under strict quality standards to ensure every 'craftsman of taste' can express their creativity at best.

Lemnos Cheese

Lemnos from Australia is one of the most well respected manufacturers of premium quality Mediterranean style cheeses and dairy products.


Founded in 1914, the Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company is the oldest independent dairy company in New Zealand.

Vittoria Coffee

Vittoria Coffee is acknowledged as Australia's best known coffee brand in Australian cafe's and today, we roast the equivalent of half a billion cups of coffee every year.


Swift provides a comprehensive selection of product cuts and quality grades to ensure juicy flavourful beefs.

Butterball Turkey

Butterball is the most sought after brand for turkey products in the U.S. Prized for their juicy turkeys, sausages and burgers, it’s no wonder everyone enjoys their products all year long.

Beyond Meat

With a mission to create the future of protein, Beyond Meat brings plant-based meat to the table! Beyond Meat’s products tackle global issues such as animal welfare while still providing you a healthy and meaty experience!


In this era of sustainability, whilst reducing emissions produced and resources needed, Huera brings to you plant-based food which still leave you in a world of flavour!

Follow Your Heart

Committed to a sustainable future whilst exploring a world of new flavours, Follow Your Heart provides plant-based vegan products, including vegan alternatives for dairy products such as Vegenaise.

Daiya Foods

Daiya started with a belief that plant-based foods were better for our health, animals and the planet. Now they work with a promise to bring you the best of dairy products using plant- based alternatives.


Better for your health. Better for the Planet. Gardein brings plant-based alternatives to the table in its part to create a sustainable future.


Omnimeat has developed a game-changing plant-based meat through its aim to find a more efficient and eco-friendly source of protein. This all-purpose plant-based meat provides more nutrition while doing its part to be environmentally friendly!
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