General FAQs

There are 2 options available;

  • Option 1 – Select by weight for per piece of meat and indicate the quantity you require. The thickness and size of each piece will be different as the meat parts varies.
  • Option 2 – Select the Total weight you need and indicate the quantity as “1”. At the Special Remarks section, tell us how many pieces of meat you require. The thickness of each piece will vary slightly.

We understand you might have different cooking methods and preference on how you would like your meat done. You may indicate in the Special Remarks section, the thickness you like and our butcher would do rest!

Here is a thickness and weight cart guide:

Thickness/Weight Rib Eye Striploin Tenderloin
¾ inch 200g — 250g 200g — 250g 150g — 200g
1 inch 300g — 350g 250g — 300g 200g — 250g
1 ½ inch 380g — 420g 350g — 400g 250g — 300g
2 inch 500g — 600g 400g — 500g 250g — 300g

Note: the weight above is an estimate for pan fry at Medium rare doneness. Weight per piece is based on a male adult portion.

Cutting every piece of steak to a standard size and weight is possible. Our butcher will be happy to assist you with it. There will be a good amount of trimmings as a result, these portions will be packed and returned to you. In additional, a service fee of 20% of your meat purchase applies. Kindly leave us a comment “Cut to standardise size” in the Special Request section.

Buying by weight allows us to give you an estimate of your purchase to help us work within your budgets.

In order to make a purchase, you must complete the registration process as stated on this site and provide the following information: First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Telephone Number and Address.

Yes, all items found at our online store are available from our main outlet in Jurong.

Due to the fact that some items are cut by hand it is difficult to cut exactly to the weight stated, so we estimate the price. Once weighed, the actual price will be determined and you will be contacted via a text message with the exact amount. This amount will be reflected on your final bill when presented at delivery.

No, our website is updated in real-time, so it never gets taken down. If there is any down time, there will be an announcement prior.

Most certainly, QB guarantees the freshness and quality of the food you order. In our way of looking at it, the sale is not complete until the meal is eaten and enjoyed. We realize you are ordering fresh meat, so want you to order with absolute confidence. If you have any comments, suggestions or are unsatisfied in any way please let our customer service representative know and we’ll try our best to solve the problem.

Delivery & Payment FAQs

Our free delivery service is available for a minimum order of SGD$95.00. Orders under the minimum will have a $15.00 delivery fee.

Yes. On items that are estimated, the total, actual amount will be charged at the time of delivery.

At this time, you may choose to pay via PAYNOW, Nets or Cash on Delivery.

Order FAQs

Self Collection:

In light of the extended Circuit Breaker period, our showroom remains closed. No self-collection is permissible. You can continue to enjoy our food products via home deliveries.


A SMS will be send to you one working day prior to your delivery date with the final bill amount and estimated delivery time.

Due to the inevitable rush during the holidays, orders must be placed at least three days to the day before the holiday. Otherwise QB cannot guarantee delivery.

Yes, on orders below SGD$95.00, the option to self-collect is available at Q. B. We accept NETS or cash only for self-collection orders. Our food factory premises is located at: 8 Chin Bee Crescent, Jurong, S(619893)

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