Tradition—A Brand Born

It all began way back in 1979 when just a few big companies handled food imports into Singapore. That meant two things: limited selec on and high prices. That gave the three local Quah brothers an idea, what if they looked around the world for high quality foods and imported them into Singapore. But they didn’t stop there...what if they offered these foods at affordable prices? They put their idea into mo on and created the Tradi on brand of high quality foods, sold at value prices.

After nearly four decades QB Food has grown to become one of Singapore’s largest food purveyors and the Tradi on brand has grown along with them. Today, the Tradi on brand con nues to expand its selec on of fine cheese, meat, cold cuts, pizzas and other quality foods that represent real value for money. Discover for yourself the Tradi on brand from QB Food.

Food Service Packaging

Shredded Cheese
Provolone Cheese 1kg
UK Monterey Jack Cheese 1kg
Dutch Smoked Cheese 1kg
Mozzarella Cheese 1kg
Dutch Gouda Cheese 1kg
Emmenthal Cheese 1kg
Swiss Gruyere Cheese 1kg
Coloured Cheddar Cheese 1kg Mozzarella/gouda Cheese 1kg
Mild White Cheddar 1kg
Fine Shredded Coloured Cheddar 1kg

Shaved/Portion Cheese
Parmesan Cheese 1kg
Cheddar Cheese Portion 20g

Frozen Sliced Streaky Bacon 500g
Frozen Sliced Back Bacon 500g
Chilled Sliced Streaky Bacon 2kg
Chilled Sliced Back Bacon 2kg
Chilled Sliced Back Bacon 150g

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