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Mushroom and Haloumi Rosemary Skewers with Crostin

The ‘meaty’ denseness of these brilliant fungi makes them the perfect vegetarian braai alternative. Earthy and complex, they’re super just as they are. But add braaied haloumi and garlicky braaied crostini and you have a complete meal even the most dedicated carnivores will covet.

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  • mixture of exotic mushrooms (think portobello, shiitake, porcini and oyster)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Cape Herb & Spice Garlic & Herb Shaker Seasoning
  • Haloumi cheese, cut into large cubes
  • rosemary sprigs, stripped with leaves left only at the top
  • day-old baguette or ciabatta, sliced
  • garlic cloves
  • rocket leaves, to serve

  • Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the mushrooms clean. (Cook’s note: Never wash mushrooms, they soak up water like sponges.)
  • Marinate the mushrooms and haloumi cheese in olive oil with a very generous sprinkling of Garlic & Herb Shaker Seasoning.
  • Thread the mushrooms onto rosemary sprigs. Give them an extra dusting of Shaker Seasoning and place on the braai. Turn over frequently to ensure even cooking.
  • Just before the mushrooms are done, place the haloumi skewers onto the braai as well. The haloumi is done as soon as it’s golden and starts to melt. (Cook’s note: Because the mushrooms and haloumi have different cooking times, it’s not advisable to put them on the same skewers, unless you lightly panfry the mushrooms first to give them a head start.)
  • Toast your bread on the braai as well. Simply drizzle the slices lightly with olive oil and place them onto the braai until golden on both sides, then rub both sides of the bread with garlic.
  • Serve the crostini topped with rocket, warm mushrooms and oozy melted haloumi. This is not a dish that can sit. It needs to be served hot off the braai.

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