Tradition Dutch Gouda Cheese with Truffle

Weight: Approx 200g
This superior truffled gouda uses pasteurized cows’ milk with a blend of Italian black summer truffles. It is the high quality of these truffles that make this cheese truly special. A renowned Italian truffle company has granted the cheesemaker exclusive use of their finest Italian black summer truffles for their Dutch cheese. Mmoire cheese is prepared the traditional way, to high quality standards, at a Dutch cheese farm. It acquires its rich flavor from pasteurized North Holland cow's milk: the addition of real truffles from Italy creates an exclusive cheese.
Pasteurized Cow milk, Salt, Truffle, Milk, Microbial rennet, Sodium nitrate.
Enjoy as a bite size snack or with crackers/toast
1 piece, Vacuum Sealed
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