Grass Fed Angus Beef Ribeye (Chilled)

$54.10 per KG
Upon receipt of order, we will advise actual weight & price of order.
Weight: Whole slab 3.5kg
Juicy and flavourful, our AU Grass Fed Angus Beef Ribeye will please even the most discerning steak lovers. All the way from Australia where the grass is lush and the environment is pristine, the fine Angus cattle are free to roam the pastures and forage. Lean yet tender, the good marbling of the Angus Ribeye gives it its renowned juiciness and intense rich taste. Best cooked with minimal seasonings to bring out its natural juices and aromas, choose our AU Grass Fed Angus Ribeye for its high meat quality and freshness.
Sear & Roast, Grill, Pan fry
Vacuum packed, Min 2 pieces per pack. Recommended 1 inch thickness (Est 200g)
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